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Why should you submit an abstract?

If you are a passionate laparoscopic surgeon, urologist, gynecologist, or pediatric surgeon, we warmly invite you to submit an abstract to the WALS 2020 Congress. Why not make the most out of this congress by drafting an abstract to WALS where you report on your recent work and expose the challenges of your application to the minimal invasive surgery community?


Awards will be presented to the best Oral, Poster and Video Abstracts and the best Scientific Journal Abstract. Best abstracts on selected topics will be put forward to be presented in the scientific programme and published in World Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery (

The Awards will be presented during the WALS Congress 2018. 

Abstracts from these four categories will be considered for presentation in the scientific programme. Authors are requested to indicate their preference for oral and/or poster presentation whilst submitting their abstract online. Abstracts that are submitted for oral presentation, which are not selected for oral communication will be considered for a poster session.

Abstract content and format
The submission requires structure as below:

Abstracts should be structured and include the following parts:

Maximum number of words:

1. Title:


2. Summary:


3. Introduction:


4. Materials and Methods:


5. Results:


6. Discussion:


Each sub-heading will be only be allowed a fixed number of words, as mentioned above. The full abstracts must not exceed a maximum of 300 words.

Please observe the following while preparing the submission of your abstract:

The use of graphs, tables and images is strongly discouraged. Abstract title. Do not use capital letters and do not indent. The title should briefly reflect the contents. List the authors with family name first, followed by initials (i.e. Jones, B.; Smith, J.; and Simpson, A.). A maximum of 10 names will be allowed. Keywords. Authors are requested to mention a minimum of two and a maximum of five keywords, separated by a comma. 

Review procedure

Each written abstract is read by anonymous graders using a grading system that assesses and awards points for:
1) Scientific methodology
2) Amount of data
3) Degree of originality
4) Relevance to scientific program

Instructions for Video Abstracts

• Only videos uploaded to the online abstract submission program will be considered for Award judging and presentation.

• All video presentations must be edited and narrated. Narration must be in English.

• Productions must not be longer than 8 minutes including titles and a spoken narrative explaining the objectives of the procedure and the methods used during the procedure. Conclude with the results or purpose of the procedure. The video file size cannot exceed 500 MB.

• The preferred format is MPEG4 such as .WMV and MP4. Avoid the following formats: .avi, .mov, .mpg, and .qt.

• Productions MUST play in one of the following video players: Windows Media Player®, RealPlayer® or QuickTime Player®.
Poster presentation 

Further information regarding board sizes, time slot to put up and take down your poster will be available on this page from early August onwards. 

Abstract Submission and General Policies

• Authors need not be members of the WALS to submit or present papers.

• We will only consider those abstracts submitted online through the abstract management application.

• All abstracts must be submitted in English. (no Cyrillic words or Ideograms)

• All text should use proper upper and lower case letters. Do not use abbreviations in the title or body of the abstract.

• Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for the content. The first author will be assumed to be the presenting author, if not stated otherwise. 

• Authors and co-authors must disclose financial interest or affiliation with corporations. Having an interest in or affiliation with a corporate organization does not prevent you from submitting the abstract, but the relationship must be made known.

• Authors must disclose if their abstract contains "off label" use of medications or devices. The intent of this policy is to alert those hearing or viewing the study that the use is not recommended by the manufacturer.

• Work that has been published or presented elsewhere may be submitted, but information must be provided about where the work was presented or published. Work that has been published or presented elsewhere will not be eligible for any awards.

• To encourage broad participation and diverse research, the Scientific Program Committee recommends that physicians be an author or co-author to no more than 4 abstracts; if more than 4 are submitted, all submissions will be reviewed for repetition and duplication.

• Decisions by the Scientific Program Committee for abstract acceptance in the program are final.

All accepted abstracts and the index of authors will be published as an abstract book, online on the JOURNAL Editor's platform  and website ( thereafter. 

Please indicate your approval/denial during the abstract submission process online.

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